Where massage, yoga and pain relief meet


Welcome to learning what Massage Therapy can offer you

Discover how regular massage therapy treatments can manage pain, improve stress resilience, and compliment a broad range of other treatment options.

This facility also offers:

  • Registered Massage Therapy mobile services
  • Case study advocacy
  • Business Mentoring services for other Massage Therapists
  • RMTAO Community Based Networking
  • Private and semi private yoga
  • Workshops and courses

We continue to study and collaborate on preventative care, chronic pain research and network with health care professionals to produce the best outcome for your treatments.

Please note that this is no longer a clinic for regular Massage Therapy Treatment services. Please go to

Eminence Massage Therapy, located at  186 King St E, here in Gananoque, or use their online booking services by clicking HERE.

To inquire more about Recalibrate Wellness, email us here  info@recalibratewellness.com